Pet Travel Story: A Dog’s Adventure to Australia

dog and his ownerIncredible Experiences: Blackie's Move to Australia

This has been an awesome and crazy week. We got Blackie last Saturday it was a very exciting moment. He was very happy to get out of the kennel where he was. As soon as he was out, he jumped on me and we cuddled.

We took him home and gave him a very relaxing warm bath and dried his hair. We fed him and he had a long nap. Afterwards we went for a long walk to show him the area, and he returned home really tired.

Regarding his behavior, the first two days he was quite shy and in a "please pamper me" mood. But since yesterday he's been more active and independent. We'll see how it goes with time. On Monday we took him to the vet for a general checkup and overall he was fine.

Well, we are really happy that we are back together. That is the important thing!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Pedro

Pet's Name: Blackie

From: Houston, TX

To: Australia

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