Pet Travel Story: A Dog’s Journey From Madagascar

Incredible Experiences: "Misaotra betsaka tany Madigasikara (Thanks from Madagascar!)"

"Parasy Bitro!" I said. Parasy stopped dead in her tracks, and turned around. A half eaten sandwich was hanging out of her mouth.

I adopted Parasy as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, a few days after arriving in my village. She was scrounging around a trash pit searching for food. I adopted her, and a month later, I knew I was going to take her home.

She helped keep me sane in as culture shock set in and was a built in protection system. I did some research and realized relocating an animal was going to be a lot more work than I thought it would be. Why all the paperwork? There was no way I could do this on my own.

I looked around for organizations in my free time and stumbled on PetRelocation. I bookmarked the page to come back to nearer towards the end of my service.

Maybe I could do this on my own. However, as the political situation in Madagascar became more and more unstable, I knew I wanted to get Parasy out of the country before my service was done. After all, if I got evacuated, Parasy would have to stay in Madagascar while I returned to American life.

I reached out to PetRelocation for a quote and was so pleased by the service they provided. They took the time and the money to Skype me and ask about my story, when I wanted Parasy to return, what services I wanted, etc. I knew right after getting off the phone with PetRelocation, I would trust them with Parasy's move.

Eight months and many emails later, Parasy was loaded onto a plane bound for South Africa where PetRelocation would receive her and take over the transportation to the States. Even as obstacles arose, PetRelocation handled each one professionally and efficiently. Her paperwork never made the flight from Madagascar, but PetRelocation worked hard and were able to clear her. She continued on to the States without any further issues. I got notified when she arrived at every airport and was sent photos when she officially landed on American soil.

Parasy has been in America for one week already. She is still learning the ropes, never having been introduced to carpets. My service will not be done for another month, but Parasy is in good hands with my sisters. She is currently in the process of testing them to see what she can get away with. Just recently, she figured out how to open the baby gate that kept her out of the living room while my sisters were out, and decided to have a little party. She pulled the vertical blinds off two windows and chewed everything in sight. Yep, that's my girl.

I am not looking to relocate again in the near future, but if I ever do, PetRelocation will be the company I turn to. I am 100% happy with the service they provided. Special shout-out to Lyndsey and Amber who handled Parasy's move, and even after their job was done have checked in with me to see how the little one is doing.

Thank you, PetRelocation for making Parasy's move seamless and being patient with me for all the emails I sent. You're the best, PetRelocation!


Pet Transport Details:

Name: Christina
Pet's Name: Parasy
From: Madagascar
To: Arizona, USA

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