Pet Travel Story: A Dog’s Journey to England

Incredible Experiences: Boo's First Day in England

I had heard about PetRelocation by searching the web and saw that they were in Austin, so I contacted them about our possible move to England.

Initially we were moving two dogs, but the move got pushed back by several years and when it came time to renew the contact with PetRelocation we just had one. PetRelocation has been great with supplying us with all the necessary information to make the move as smooth as possible.

Boo is settling in nicely, as you can see by the photo! She is having fun running around with the grandkids and has no problem understanding the English accent, ha!

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Claire
Pet's Name: Boo
From: Austin, Texas, US
To: England, UK

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Incredible Experiences



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