Pet Travel Story: A Happy Reunion in Philadelphia

benny in phillyIncredible Experiences: 'Benny Comes to Philly'

I found PetRelocation online when I was looking for a way to move a rescue pup that my sister had been fostering in Kansas City to Philadelphia.

My last dog developed osteosarcoma just before Christmas and had to be put down (in the midst of some family illness as well) and my sister knew that I needed a new buddy.

She thought he was exceptionally intelligent and sweet, so recommended him to me. I initially thought that moving him sounded ludicrous (especially with everything else going on). After a very smooth move, though, he has fast become my best bud and I am so happy that I dove in and moved him here.

PetRelocation was great at prompt and clear communication, planning, and touching base during the day of Benny's transport.

I picked him up from the airport in wonderful shape and he has acclimated to a completely new life like a champ. I thought that first night in my home he may be weary from the travel day or distressed, but he took right to his new city life!!

Thank you, PetRelocation for bringing me a most wonderful pal!!



Pet Transport Details:

Name: Erin
Pet's Name: Benny (formerly known as Ghost)
From: Greater Kansas City
To: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


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