Pet Travel Story: A Street Cat Moves to Indonesia

Incredible Experiences: Apple's Move to Jakarta

I came to PetRelocation in desperation because I was trying to move my cat Apple to Jakarta, Indonesia. She's a cat with a checkered past -- a street cat from Kazakhstan who's FIV+ and without a history of veterinary care -- so moving her anywhere, never mind a country with such stringent importation requirements like Indonesia, was going to be a challenge.

But Lyndsey and Tobi and the team were amazing! They knew exactly what needed to be done, were quick to respond and communicative with Apple's vet so that all the paperwork was filled out appropriately. Their partners in Indonesia were also great.

Apple is settling in well to her new home, testing out all the best napping spots in the apartment.

We're both glad it's over, but I would definitely work with this team again and recommend them to anyone planning to take a pet overseas!

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Ashley
Company: US Government
Pet's Name: Apple
From: Washington, DC
To: Jakarta, Indonesia

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