Pet Travel Story: Abbott’s Adventure to Australia

Abbott in AustraliaIncredible Experiences: Abbott's Relocation From Oklahoma to Australia

When I decided to make the move from Oklahoma to Australia, the most important and difficult decision for us was what we were going to do with Abbott.

With how much joy he brings us, we knew we had to move him here as well.

We looked into different options for moving him and found PetRelocation. I was quickly referred to Linda and began learning the process and steps that needed to be taken for Abbott to come to Australia.

Considering the expense of moving him, we decided to leave Abbott with my brother in Texas for six months to be sure the move was still the best option for all of us. I spoke with Linda via email for months to be sure everything was aligned for when we were ready to book Abbott's trip.

With the time difference being so extreme between Sydney and Texas, it was so helpful having Linda contact me through email. She always responded quickly and provided me with any and all information I needed or requested throughout the entire process.

She was amazing at setting up times for us to speak over-the-phone only when necessary. My brother had the responsibility of taking Abbott to the necessary vet appointments, and Linda organized everything with the vets so that I would only have to call to provide payment details over-the-phone following the appointment.

The stress of everything during the move was so high that having such a sweet, caring and professional person in charge of the fine details for Abbott's move was life changing! She has such an upbeat personality and it is obvious that she has passion for her career.

Having to move Abbott to Australia was extremely overwhelming initially, but now my sweet boy is by our side again and the process could not have gone any more smoothly.

Overall, Linda made the process smooth and was a pleasure to work directly with for so long. I am so happy we decided to go through PetRelocation and that we were able to work closely with Linda.

Today, Abbott is as happy as ever and he hasn't once skipped a beat since arriving in Sydney. He has been to the dog beach (see the video above) and man does he love the sand!

My dog is so special to both me and my partner and we are just so happy we get to continue sharing our life with our little guy!

Thank you,


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Kaylee
Pet's Name: Abbott
From: United States
To: Australia

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