Pet Travel Story: Adventures With a Dog in Singapore

Incredible Experiences: "City Dog Moves to Singapore!"

Moving to the opposite timezone comes with its challenges, luckily one of those challenges was not the move of our 1-year-old miniature schnauzer Bama.

We truly couldn't have asked more of our PetRelocation rep Tyler. She was responsive and patient with us regardless of our stress levels. Not only did they literally provide door-to-door service from our NYC apartment to our new Singapore one, but Tyler also spoke with our vet before and after each appointment to coordinate all the important paperwork.

Those are just two examples of the many things that Tyler was involved with to make the move go smoothly. There is no doubt in our mind that we could not have accomplished Bama's move without Tyler.

Bama has gone from city pup to beach boy and is enjoying Singapore. He has found a new love for aircon just like we have and has a short new hairdo to match the weather. As long as we keep him on short walks and his water bowl filled, he's a happy dog.

Just like any pet owner, I was more stressed about Bama's move than my own, but I have to say that PetRelocation truly made all the difference and I would recommend anyone who needs their services to use them.

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Pet Travel Story Details:

Name: Erica
Pets Name: Bama
From: New York City
To: Singapore


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United States, Singapore
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