Pet Travel Story: Alaska & Gromozeka’s Move to Canada

Two cats cuddlingIncredible Experiences: Two Cats' Journey to Canada

We were going to move to Canada with our cats. However, we encountered some problems when registering them on one of the flights, so we had to leave them in Tomsk.

Luckily, PetRelocation exists :) Thanks to this company, Alaska and Gromozeka took the longest trip in their lives without any problems! The cats first went to Moscow (~3700 km), then to Frankfurt (~2300 km), and then to Vancouver (~8000 km).

What a trip! They arrived a bit tired, but safe and sound. For us, it was one of the happiest days here in Vancouver :)

And we received notifications of their progress almost in real time—that was really amazing.

We would like to thank Rebecca, Ashley, and Ksenia, and everybody at PetRelocation for their incredible work!

Thank you,

Alex and Valentina

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Alex and Valentina
Pets' Names: Alaska and Gromozeka
From: Tomsk, Russia
To: Vancouver, Canada

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