Pet Travel Story: An Aussie’s Move from US to Singapore

dogIncredible Experiences: Mason's Singapore Move

My husband and I had to relocate from Michigan to Singapore. We acquired Mason, our 2-year-old male neutered Australian Shepherd during our time in Michigan. He is family and leaving him behind was never an option.

I looked into other pet transportation companies before I found PetRelocation. Being a vet myself, I was very particular about his safety and well being. I was concerned about his long 10-12 hour flight in cargo.

Afraid he could be accidentally misplaced during his transits at busy international airports. Worried he may not have sufficient water during his trip or that he would not get to go potty. Worried he may get heat stroke if it took too long to unload him from the plane in Singapore.

Getting Mason into Singapore (which is rabies free) requires precise timing for his vaccinations, health certificates, blood test and 10-day quarantine. Thankfully, PetRelocation helped me through the administrative process and Vanessa, my client care specialist, answered all my queries.

I appreciated being able to track his flight and getting picture updates during his transits. It was nerve wrecking, but I am happy to report that Mason is well and reunited with us. You can read about what he thought about the adventure on his blog:

We made a great choice trusting PetRelocation with our precious cargo.

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Pet Transport Details:

Name: Estella
Pet's Name: Mason
From: Michigan, USA
To: Singapore



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