Pet Travel Story: An International Bulldog Move!

Incredible Experiences: Shipping Bulldogs Across the World

Being in the military, we were aware of the fact that we would have to move but the timing that we had to to do the move was less than ideal.

Living in Italy, an international move with our babies was inevitable, and we thought we had it figured out. Unfortunately the move happened sooner than we thought and we were forced to move our two English Bulldogs in July, during a very hot summer in Italy. We had heard so many horror stories about moving bulldogs, and worse when it was summer, so we were very uneasy.

Thankfully, the PetRelocation team was nothing but supportive and helpful throughout the whole process. Maegan was able to find flights that we were not able to see, also she was able to get our babies on a flight that had air conditioning in the holding area so our bulldogs would be comfortable.

They reassured us of the safety and took the time to work with us on such a short time frame. They answered all the questions we had about the travel and were very good about getting back to us in a timely manner. Having to board the dogs the night before in Italy was another aspect handled by PetRelocation, and we were very pleased with the group they set us up with to get the dogs to the airport the next morning and get their paperwork put together.

Also, upon arriving in New York the company PetRelocation had pick up our pets was amazing. They notified us immediately of their arrival and took care of all the paperwork necessary for international travel. Without question, if we had to do it all over again we would not change a thing in regards to using PetRelocation!

Our babies arrived in great condition, showing no signs of mistreatment and acting just like the dogs that we had prior to the move! Thank you for providing an outstanding service in getting our babies home during the least ideal conditions of the summer.

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Breanna
Pets' Names: Farrah and Titus
From: Italy
To: New York, US

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