Pet Travel Story: Bandit’s Move to Australia

Congratulations to Bandit on his recent move to Australia! Here's an update his mom shared with us.

small dog on the beach after relocating to australiaNina was absolutely fantastic with Bandit and me. Sometimes I had the feeling she was on call 24 hours. I think more so than the move support (with paperwork etc.), the biggest difference for me was the emotional support. It is hard for most people to understand that your pet is like your child, but PetRelocation understood that perfectly.

Everything regarding Bandit's move went really smooth - no delays. Nina was on top of the exams results, export paperwork etc.

She even guided and helped me with services that I was going to do by myself, but I found to be difficult on my own.  My second vet visit, for instance, had a really high cost so I called Nina, who made arrangements that saved me almost $500 USD.

Bandit was really well taken care of by PetRelocation's kennel partner in LAX as well. Nina was always asking them for updates on how he was doing for me.

relocating your small dogs to Australia

I cannot thank Nina and the team enough for all of their efforts and support. The happiness I felt when I was finally with Bandit, after 3 years of being apart, is just impossible to describe with words.

You guys ROCK! Thanks and Thanks!

Want to see their long-awaited reunion? Check out the video that Bandit's mom shared with us on Instagram!


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Natasha
Pet Name: Bandit
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Lhasa Apso
From: California, US
To: Brisbane, Australia

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