Pet Travel Story: Beta’s Move to London

French BulldogIncredible Experiences: A French Bulldog's Journey to London

We have a French Bulldog, which is not an easy dog to move. Truth be told, if you are moving a pet overseas on your own, it can be an incredibly complicated, stressful, and intense experience -- much more than we realized and initially thought.
Shots, vet appointments, differences in each country/state requirements, USDA clearance, bans on some airlines to fly snub-nosed dogs, paperwork, cargo pickups, agent drop offs, customs clearance, local delivery from the airport, the whole bit.
We typically like to do things in life on our own, but for this having PetRelocation as part of our move experience was 100% worth it and we'd do it every time.
Throughout every step of the way, Mandy and Mike from PetRelocation made life easier, made the process easier, and helped guide a potentially stressful situation into a smooth and organized move.
Specifically, they were:
-Very attentive.
-They know their stuff.
-They catch things that you may not have thought about.
-Do they sleep?  Always accessible, even w/ late time differences during your move.
-Proactive instead of reactive.
-Calm and organized.
-Very nice people.
Amazingly impressed by their top-notch service. Highly recommend. We used them before and we will use them again!
Thank you,
Ron & Leila
Pet Travel Details:
Name:  Ron & Leila
Dog's Name:  Beta
Moved from:  Los Angeles, CA, US
Moved to:  London, England, UK

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