Pet Travel Story: Bringing a Dog From China to the US

DogIncredible Experiences: "From Ni Hao to Hi Y'all"

Most pet owners never want to make their animal take a long term trip. Sometimes, though, life throws you a "bone" and you go for it!

PetRelocation did an excellent job of relieving all my worries, answering my 1,000 questions, and even coming to meet me on the China end face-to-face before the big move. Kipper was taken from home to airport NOT in the cage, so he had less cage time...that impressed me.

Also, I was emailed when he safely arrived at the departure airport and at the arrival airport. I received photos to let me know he was doing just fine. Once he arrived at the final destination, he was transported by car another hour.

The service that did that transport was also very understanding of pet owners and called and sent photos to let me know all was okay. Kipper arrived and did not miss a beat...he was happy and calm!!

I have used another pet moving company, but make no "bones" about it, Pet Relocation is the best:)



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Lori
Pet's Name: Kipper
From: Shanghai, China
To: North Carolina, US

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United States, China, Shanghai
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