Pet Travel Story: Buddy’s Move to Hong Kong

Buddy in Hong KongIncredible Experiences: A Hong Kong Dog Shipping Story

We were already in Hong Kong, so my mother and PetRelocation had to handle all the logistics of Buddy's move. We hit some bumps in the road (with a not-so-great vet), but Rebecca at PetRelocation was amazing and handled it all with positivity and a smile.

By the time Buddy arrived at our apartment in Hong Kong, he was over his travel jitters, tail wagging and happy to see me. The people who dropped him off were so nice, and Buddy seemed very comfortable with them.

All in all this was a very good experience. It was SO nice to not have to do this ourselves (the paperwork alone is daunting!) and Buddy is safe and sound in his new home. (The photo is from the moment he arrived :)

Thank you, 


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Katie
Company: Mars / Wrigley
Pet's Name: Buddy
From: Houston, TX, US
To: Hong Kong

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