Pet Travel Story: Cat Transport to South Africa

catIncredible Experiences: "Our Family is Reunited!"

We left Precious in excellent hands in Los Angeles while we came to Cape Town to set up and wait for our container. Two and a half long months later (without our precious pet) we sent for him.

Though the process was extremely well-executed in Los Angeles, we were incredibly stressed (both the friend who looked after him in Los Angeles and us on this side).

PetRelocation kept us in the loop at all times and made the process easy (er!). They kept us updated, including sending pics when Precious had his stop-over in Amsterdam.

He arrived a bit shell-shocked for sure, but in one piece! He has adjusted very well.




Pet Travel Details:

Name: Tessa
Pet's Name: Precious
From: Los Angeles, CA, US
To: Cape Town, South Africa

Learn more about pet shipping to South Africa and contact us if you need assistance with your move!


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United States, South Africa
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