Pet Travel Story: Cat Transport to Thailand

CatIncredible Experiences: Lizzie's Relocation to Bangkok

Dear PetRelocation,

Thank you so much for your follow up and for all of your help with this. This process was so incredibly smooth and stress free for us, or at least as stress free as it could be.  :) 

Lizzie arrived yesterday and we were thrilled to see her. She seems to be settling in well and is trying to figure out her new house. It is definitely larger than our last place so she has lots of places to explore and hide! Her favorite new place is the bathroom counter in our guest bathroom, not sure why.

I'll post a few photos to your Facebook page for you to see.The agent that dropped her off yesterday was very nice and also snapped a photo right when we got her.

Thank you again. Well be sure to pass your names along to anyone looking to relocate a pet.

This was a wonderful experience, thank you so much for all of your help as well as letting us text and email you at all hours!

Best Regards,


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Brooke

Pet's Name: Lizzie

From: Washington, DC

To: Bangkok, Thailand


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