Pet Travel Story: Chelsea’s Move to Singapore

Chelsea in SingaporeIncredible Experiences: Chelsea's Journey

Making the decision to take our dog with us to Singapore wasn't easy. Knowing that it would be quite an adjustment for both her and us. Figuring out how to get her here was also a challenge.

We searched online for pet movers and stumbled upon PetRelocation. I was impressed with the site, the services and the customer feedback.

I had a lot on my plate -- my husband was already in Singapore, I had to sell the house, store my stuff, move myself AND figure out how to move my dog. I can honestly say that there is no other way to do this and have the confidence and peace of mind that your precious pooch will be taken care of and arrive safely.

Not only did they make sure she was comfortable and safe, they also took care of all of the details regarding her vet visits necessary prior to the trip, all of the paperwork necessary to secure a space in addition to picking her up AND bringing her to her new home in Singapore.

Sarah and Bethany communicated with me on a regular basis, answered all of my questions and assured me that Chelsea would be okay. They even sent pictures of her at her airport layovers!

Chelsea is getting adjusted to the new sites and smells...not to mention the heat and humidity in Singapore! She is making new friends at doggy day care once a week.

PetRelocation was a lifesaver. They truly care about the well-being of your pet and understand your fears as a concerned dog parent!

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Mary
Pet's Name: Chelsea
From: Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
To: Singapore

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