Pet Travel Story: Dadi’s Relocation to Australia

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When I planned to move from Mexico to Australia, I knew that taking my dog with me would be really hard and stressful, but I just couldn't picture my life without him so I reached out to PetRelocation to help me with the process.

It was the best decision I could ever have made. Evelyn and Linda kindly answered all my questions and worries, and most importantly they followed up during every step of the process very closely.

I can't imagine going through the whole process by myself, as it is very complicated to transfer dogs from Mexico to Australia.

Finally Dadi and I are together and we both are sooo happy!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this possible.

Diana :)


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Diana
Pet's Name: Dadi
From: Mexico
To: Australia

Looking for help with your dog's move to Australia?

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PetRelocation Team


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By Yankang Huang on March 20, 2017 at 11:33 pm

Hi, I live in Norway. I am moving to Australia in early May. I want to bring a dog to Australia with me. I understand that my dog has to wait at least for 6 months in order to get there. Do you provide such service that I can first take my dog to Australia, and some agency take care of it and all the paper works, and six months later, I can get my dog? Best regards

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