Pet Travel Story: Danny the Cat Moves to Greece

Incredible Experiences: Danny's Move From New York to Athens

I was really stressed about how I was going to move my cat to Athens, along with decluttering my apartment of 33 years and going to another country.

A friend got the name of PetRelocation from a veterinary clinic in her West Village neighborhood of New York City.

My experience with them was excellent, from initial contact to the final stage of receiving Danny at my new home in Athens!

My representative was Keith Boone and he was extremely helpful and informative, caring and efficient. PetRelocation took care of all the paperwork necessary to move a pet.

Danny has adjusted rather quickly... We arrived here 10 days ago and he is happy exploring his new surroundings, sounds, smells and best of all (for him) new food!

A big thank you to everyone involved.



Pet Transport Details:

Name: Janet
Pet's Name: Danny
From: Manhattan, NY
To: Athens, Greece

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