Pet Travel Story: Dog Transport From Texas to South Africa

Incredible Experiences: Happy Hannah's Move to South Africa

I am the "Grand-Mom" for Hannah. As a pup, she and our daughter had a difficult start -- they didn't like each other. See, Hannah was "my" puppy.

But within a few months the two were inseparable -- traveling and moving across the USA. It is through the Hannah connection that Emily and Grant fell in love. The challenge is that Grant is from South Africa, and when it came time for Hannah to join them, I was very skeptical.

As the process continued, however, I became comfortable with Hannah being out of my care because everyone was great!!

During each step of the PetRelocation move process I felt like Hannah was their dog and knew how all was progressing. I was kept in touch on this side of the trip, as were Emily and Grant.

To be honest, how can I miss her when Em and Hannah are back together and the experience was so positive. This photo was shot while the girls are napping in South Africa.

If you can keep me comfortable -- the rest of the world is a snap!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Deb and Duane
Pet's Name: Hannah
From: Texas, US
To: South Africa

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