Pet Travel Story: Dog Transport to Brazil

dogIncredible Experiences: Bindi's Move to Sao Paulo

We needed to relocate from Minneapolis, MN to Sao Paulo, Brazil and couldn't imagine leaving our puppy at home. In addition to being a large breed, she also has epilepsy and requires medicine every 12 hours.

Given the length of the trip, we were trying to explore options to get to our dog within the time frame and could come up with no options given customs and security. I contacted over five other pet relocation agencies that offered to pick the dog up and take her to the airport but didn't offer any options to have access to her in this window.

PetRelocation was the ONLY company that offered to help. From the first phone call they were different from all of the other agencies. They LISTENED to our situation. They investigated all possible options to relocate our dog and to have access to her to provide medicine.

The process was new for us all but they made sure to find a unique way to get her to Brazil safely. The journey was complicated, but we were able to have access to our pet the entire time. PetRelocation was the only agency to offer this option. I can't recommend them enough -- they actually care about your pet and are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure they arrive safely.

Our dog arrived safely and we couldn't imagine being able to do this with any other company!

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Pet Transport Details:

Name: Nicole
Pet's Name: Bindi
From: Minneapolis, MN
To: Sao Paulo, Brazil


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