Pet Travel Story: Ellie’s Transport to the UK

Dog transport to EnglandIncredible Experiences: Ellie's Move Across the Pond

When we got serious about moving our dog, Ellie, abroad with us, a friend recommended PetRelocation.

Previously, I had visions of doing the work necessary to get Ellie over here myself. From my initial contact(s) with Jon, a consultant at PetRelocation, through the many conversations held with Katy, our dedicated Relocation Coordinator, the fact that I was not doing this alone was evident and oh so reassuring.

The task is complicated and complex, but PetRelocation took all the stress off of me. For example, en route to picking Ellie up at Heathrow, I received a phone call from an agent there saying we were missing a signature and stamp of approval from our final vet's visit.

I immediately emailed Katy, and though it was the wee hours of the morning back in the US, she had already preceded my email with an email of her own, checking on how things were going so far. And she handled the entire "missing signature" dilemma quickly and far more seamlessly than I would have been able to.

While waiting in the Animal Reception Center at Heathrow for Ellie, we saw several people enduring hours of waiting and scrambling for the missing pieces to secure their pet's relocation -- I was praising PetRelocation again and again as I witnessed this.

Additionally, my vet back in the states was highly complimentary of Katy and PetRelocation's thoroughness, expertise and friendliness. I would positively recommend PetRelocation to anyone who is in need of moving their pet abroad.

dog relocation to england


Ellie was calm and content when we received her in London and has adjusted amazingly well to British life! Many thanks to PetRelocation.


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Corinne
Pet's Name: Ellie
From: Knoxville, TN
To: Bristol, UK


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