Pet Travel Story: Evie’s Move to China

catIncredible Experiences: Planning Cat Transport to China

Here's a note we received from a recent client. Thanks to another great pet family for sharing their move with us!

Hi PetRelocation!

Thank you again so much for ensuring Evie’s safe arrival to China two weeks ago. After two weeks of boarding and three days of traveling, she was a little stressed, jet lagged (which was quite funny, actually), and needed a bath, but we were surprised at how quickly she adjusted to her new surroundings -- she was prowling around inspecting her new apartment right away, purring contentedly with her humans watching over her -- and now it finally feels like home again with her back in our lives.

We know we couldn’t have gotten her here without the excellent planning, thoughtful communication and professionalism of the PetRelocation team. We recognize that there were many, many people involved in planning to get our sweet kitty from Houston to Amsterdam and then finally to Chengdu.

What a journey she was on, and your team planned every detail so carefully to make sure she arrived safely and as quickly as possible. We know that when our travel plans take us somewhere else in the world, we will be contacting you again to arrange for little Evie to be with us.

We’ve begun a website to document our travels in China, and of course, Evie is a part of that journey so you can keep up with us on our site. We’ve posted some new Christmas photos with the kitty being a goofball and refusing to wear her Santa hat...  I’m sure you’ll enjoy looking through those and seeing how happy she is to be reunited with her loving parents.

Thanks again, and if we know of anyone needing some assistance with moving a pet, we’ll be sure to recommend PetRelocation. 

All the best and Happy New Year to all of you,
Emily, Bruce and Evie


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