Pet Travel Story: Fido’s Move to London

FidoIncredible Experiences: Fido's UK Adventure

After going through the formalities needed to move pets to the UK, we were convinced that we needed professional help to relocate our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (Fido) from Houston to London.

One of my colleagues who already moved his pet from Houston to Perth through PetRelocation recommended them to us, and approaching PetRelocation proved to be the best decision that we made for Fido's journey across the Atlantic. Initially we spoke to Lee, and later Tyler took over the responsibility of moving Fido.

Tyler was very supportive and assuring and was always available to answer any queries. The process was quite stressful in the sense that we had to cancel his flight booking once and postpone his travel by three weeks. But, the way PetRelocation handled the situation made the whole process smooth and easy.

Fido is finally in London with us and enjoying his stay to the fullest in his new home!! I would certainly go with them again and would highly recommend them to anyone else in a moving situation!


dog and momPet Travel Details:

Name: Shasanka
Pet’s Name: Fido
From: Houston, TX, USA
To: London, England


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