Pet Travel Story: Izzy’s Move to Indonesia

Incredible Experiences: Dog Travel to Indonesia

I started researching pet relocation companies when we found out we were moving to Jakarta, Indonesia in August of 2011.

I saw a posting on the PetRelocation Facebook page about a dog who traveled from Jakarta to Indonesia safely. It was such a relief to have someone knowledgeable about all of the shots and paperwork, import permits, and flights taking care of one of our family members.

Knowing that they only recommended those airlines and flight patterns that were safest for our Izzy and pet friendly with adequate training was extremely reassuring. They kept in contact with me the entire way of Izzy's travels, and notified me immediately when she touched down, had been fed and walked, and how she was doing.

They even made "special" accommodations for her when I told them she would not potty on a leash. They went beyond to make sure our Izzy was safe and well taken care of the entire time.

I had pictures of her assuring me she was in good condition the entire way. I would say the best part is the comfort and reassurance and the special planning they do for each individual pet. Izzy arrived safely and happily in Jakarta at her new home and is very happy and learning to swim in her new pool.

Although she is a lab, she was born and raised in Alaska, so she never learned how to swim!!

Thank you PetRelocation. I would highly recommend them for any pet traveling internationally through the Asian countries or wherever your travels take you.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Kerri
Pet's Name: Izzy
From: Alaska
To: Jakarta, Indonesia


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