Pet Travel Story: Jackson’s Move to Boston

JacksonIncredible Experiences: Jackson Comes Home to the US

My husband and I moved to London from Boulder, CO back in December, 2011. PetRelocation did an unbelievable job getting us through the process of moving Jackson to the UK. They held our hand every step of the way and never once failed in their promises to us.

Unfortunately, almost six months after our arrival in the UK, we learned that we would have to move back to the US. No problem there. We knew there was no way we would try the move back to the US without them.

Jackson arrived back on US soil as happy and healthy as the day he left. All along the way, Jackson was treated with kindness and love by people who loved animals and had his best interest at heart.

Don't try to do the move yourself. PetRelocation is worth every last penny.

Thank you,

Holly and Craig


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Holly and Craig
Pet's Name: Jackson
From: London, England
To: Boston, MA via Orlando, FL

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