Pet Travel Story: Kelsey’s Move to Panama

Incredible Experiences: Dog Travel to Panama

I'd like to offer a GIGANTIC thank you and shout out to PetRelocation for helping me move my 12-year-old best friend from her home in New Hampshire to sunny Panama.

I accepted a position in Panama City only after confirming Kelsey would be able to accompany me. It wasn't until after I set the ground work for my move that I realized how traumatic the experience would be for me and likely also for her.

She has lived in New England her whole life, is skittish, and doesn't handle new situations very well. The concept of turning her over to someone else, putting her in a crate and on a plane, and acclimating her to a tropic city was insanely stressful.

PetRelocation helped me understand the process and maintained vigilant communication with me throughout her travel day. She arrived safely in Panama and this picture was taken the following morning!

All of the PetRelocation agents were incredibly knowledgeable and patient with me!

Thank you,


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Lauren
Pet's Name: Kelsey
From: New Hampshire, US
To: Panama

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