Pet Travel Story: Louie’s Successful Relocation to Vienna

dogHere's an email recently received by Kevin O'Brien, CEO and Co-Founder of PetRelocation:


Today, my trusted companion, Louie, made it successfully from Boston to Vienna. This was a trip, to say the least, I have been anxious about for quite a long time. I believe I began planning my move a year ago, and his about the same time.

Louie is an incredibly nervous dog, which I've never understood as he is 60 lbs and has a blood curdling, but lovable, bark. Therefore, my concern for his well-being during this trip was unreasonably high. Also noting that he has never been crated before.

Sarah and Amber did an incredible job in planning, preparing, and executing Louie's move. This, all while easing my fears, answering my many questions, and offering incredible customer service.

The ease of this experience was worth every dollar, if not more, for your unique services.


dog in a crate


My situation was possibly complicated, as I moved eight weeks before my dog and left him with a friend and my parents. Therefore, not only did Amber have to answer all my questions, but then again for two other people. Always with a positive and caring attitude.

I work for an international research organization comprised of people from all over the world, and science research in general is quite fluid and worldwide. You can guarantee that I will recommend your services to anyone and everyone who needs them.


I am unbelievably impressed with your business model, service, and staff; it is great to meet people who take pride in their work as much as Sarah and Amber do. They should be congratulated.

Your friend in Vienna,

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,



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