Pet Travel Story: Lucy and Cinco’s Move to Malaysia

Lucy and CincoIncredible Experiences: Two Dogs Travel to Malaysia

My husband was offered a position in Malaysia and we knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so we decided to make the move. My main concern was the long flight (23 hours) and the fact that the dogs needed to be in quarantine for at least seven days. I contacted PetRelocation because I didn't want to have to worry about moving the pups and having to deal with people in a different country with different procedures and in a different language.

PetRelocation helped us get all the documentation we needed and the correct size for the travel crates. The crates just seemed too big for a couple of miniature schnauzers, but then I realized it was just the perfect size for such a long flight.

When the dogs were delivered to the house after the flight and the quarantine, they didn't seem disturbed at all and were happy to see us, so I am assuming everything went well.

The dogs are doing great, they have adjusted very quickly. It gets hot here so we are keeping them completely shaven with the exception of their beard. We call it their "Malay Cut" :). Other than that, they are just like all dogs, they are happy anywhere as long as we are there with them.

The majority of people in Malaysia are Muslims and unfortunately for them, their religion doesn't allow them to touch dogs and for the most part they are afraid of them. We live in a gated community and our landlords are not Muslims so they don't care about us having the dogs. We can walk them in our neighborhood without any problems but we really can't take them out to the city much. There are only two "pet resorts" in the whole city so we are very limited on where we can leave them when we go on vacation.

We are quickly adjusting to living here and the pups are excited to be here with us. Thank you for helping us get our pups here.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Hugo and Beatriz
Pets' Names: Lucy and Cinco
From: Houston, TX, US
To: Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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