Pet Travel Story: Managing Dog Transport to Ecuador

DogIncredible Experiences: Merlot's Move to Ecuador

In October of 2012 my wife and I, both retired, decided to move to Cuenca, Ecuador for the climate and other reasons. Not knowing anyone or having a service to work with we set out on our own to plan our move.

One of our big concerns was shipping our 60 pound Lab mix, Merlot. We received all the required paperwork needed to have Merlot enter the country, and now our only worry was getting her there.

I had been doing research online and found that United was about the only airline that flew pets in cargo year round. I searched their website, which was full of information about preparing your pet for travel, the type and size of container, the actual shipping etc., but there were a few details missing.

When I went to book our flights, we needed to book ours first and then book Merlot into cargo. We booked our flight from Reno to Quito. When I was transferred to cargo they could only book Merlot out of Vegas. OK, small problem. Then I was told she could only be booked less than three days before the flight and only if it was less than 75% full, and the flight was already 75% full. Panic mode set in. With only about a week to go, how can we get Merlot to Ecuador?

I found PetRelocation and called. They quietly assured me they could handle the details of Merlot's trip and get her to Ecuador on time. A couple of days later, a man pulls up and takes Merlot to San Francisco for her flight to Ecuador. We followed the next day and we were all reunited in Quito, Ecuador for the rest of our journey.

PetRelocation handled our dog Merlot with the utmost care and frequently updated us on her condition. They are quite the professional group!

One bit of advice, we had a handler that met Merlot in Quito, but customs would not let her through for 12 additional hours because the real owners were not there. If you are traveling internationally with your pets ensure they are on the same flight as yours.

-Jim and Arlene


Pet Travel Details:

Name: Jim

Pet: Merlot

From: Reno, Nevada, USA

To: Cuenca, Ecuador


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