Pet Travel Story: Mia and Annie’s Move to Shanghai

two catsHere's a note from a client we recently helped with a cat move to Shanghai, China...

Hi PetRelocation,

It’s so great to have my cats back with me—very normalizing.  Mia is very happy to be back with me, while Annie has taken up residence in the cabinet below the sink. She is OVER it. 

They looked wonderful—a bit smelly, like any long-distance travel will do to a pet, but not at all traumatized or suffering.  Just chatty and kind of angry with me!  I was so happy to see them, I don’t care.  :)

I am so pleased with the whole process of getting my ladies to Shanghai. It has been easier than I could have hoped, especially in the thick of my own move.  Everyone has been so warm and concerned about my cats, and it’s so reassuring to have them travel with people I can trust. 

I felt like you had their best interests at heart, and that is what I wanted most. Thank you for handling them with the utmost care and respect. 

Xie xie!!

Happy Friday,


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PetRelocation Team


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China, Shanghai
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