Pet Travel Story: Nikko’s Move to Nevada

catHere's a note from a recent PetRelocation client. Nikko the cat moved from New Jersey to Nevada.


Hi PetRelocation,

Nikko is adjusting nicely. I truly did not know what to expect when I got him.

Being on the same flight was a little nutty not knowing how he was doing, but you and your company truly did a wonderful job.

The team that arrived in New Jersey to the team that arrived in Nevada were beyond professional and truly did care about Nikko. The team in Nevada said to me "You where on the same plane? I could have picked you up as well." That was truly a nice thing to say. 

Nikko was in a crate for over nine hours and had no issues or accidents. He did great and it was all due to following the directions you guys provided.

I will be sure to use your company again if we ever move in the future.

Thank you!


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PetRelocation Team


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United States
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