Pet Travel Story: Remi’s Australia Relocation

Remi the Golden Retriever in AustraliaIncredible Experiences: Remi's Move to Australia

When my job asked me to relocate to Australia, I quickly became overwhelmed by all of the things I needed to do to get my new puppy to be able to come with.

After researching several different relocation companies, I chose PetRelocation due to the great reviews, timely response to our initial inquiry, and competitive pricing.

Linda from PetRelocation significantly simplified the process every step of the way and made it very clear what we needed to do. Every step of the preparations went as planned, and when it was time for Remi to travel, we felt reassured knowing that she was in the hands of professionals.

Remi made it to Australia safe and sound! She was a little confused at first, but has adjusted to her new surroundings quite well.

She absolutely loves going to the beach, meeting new dogs in the neighborhood, and playing in all the parks nearby. We are so happy that she is here with us in Australia, and we couldn't have done it without PetRelocation!

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Emily
Pet's Name: Remi
From: Minnesota, US
To: Australia

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PetRelocation Team


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