Pet Travel Story: Rocky & Roo’s Move from Canada to the United States

two cats snugglingIncredible Experiences: Two Cats Travel to California

My initial reaction when we first learned we were being relocated from Toronto, Canada to Mountain View, California was "AWESOME, who wouldn't want to live in California?" Then it quickly changed to "OMG how are we going to move Rocky and Roo?"
We've had the two cats for two years, and their only life outside the walls of our house were their annual trips to the Vet. As you can probably imagine, getting them in the kennel is a challenge. I had made up my mind that I would fly my Dad out and we would take a road trip from Toronto to Mountain View with the cats, when PetRelocation was suggested by the company we used to transport our household items.
Reluctantly I engaged PetRelocation, and Cara called me within hours. On my first call with Cara, and later Keith, we reviewed the details of our move along with the kennel requirements. They answered all my questions and put my worst fears to rest. I was getting more and more comfortable with a decision to use PetRelocation for Rocky and Roo's big move.
Cara & Keith were both excellent communicators, and when we learned that pure breed Bengals may require permits and inspection upon arrival, they both worked diligently to get everything in order, which prevented moving delays and additional discomfort for the cats.
Before I knew it move day arrived, and a wonderful lady named Loreta came to our house and picked up the cats. The second she walked out the door my mind started to race, and I emailed Keith from PetRelocation. Keith was in a different time zone and it was a nasty hour of the morning, but I got a phone call from him within moments following up on my email. I also got a follow up phone call from Loreta within an hour to let me know the cats were doing great, they were through customs and resting in their kennels waiting for their flight.
We received numerous updates throughout the day and even learned from PetRelocation before the airline website that the flight was somewhat delayed. Rocky & Roo were picked up by Katie from the San Francisco airport, and she cleared them through security and delivered them to my husband Chris in Mountain View. She also provided regular updates so Chris would know when to anticipate their arrival.
After going through this experience with PetRelocation, I wouldn't hesitate to engage them in moving Rocky & Roo again, or any future pet we may have. The PetRelocation staff we worked with were all professional, very knowledgeable, responsive, and I never had a doubt that they had Rocky and Roo's best interest and safety in mind.
Thank you Cara & Keith, along with your transportation staff, for making Roo & Rocky's move the easiest thing about our relocation. Biggest hugs.
BTW, Rocky & Roo are doing great! As you can see from the photos I attached, they have moved from the sink to a move comfy spot on the bed to snuggle for hours in the sunshine. 
Pet Travel Details:
Name: Renae
Pets' Names: Rocky & Roo
From: Toronto, Canada
To: Mountain View, CA

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