Pet Travel Story Story: A Bird Move to France

Incredible Experiences: Shipping Birds to France!

We spend more than half the year at our house in central France, and as a result we wanted to move our two macaws to France. After doing some research into the complex requirements for exporting and importing endangered species, we decided that professionals would do the job better.

We chose PetRelocation, and they were great. They warned us at the start that this process would take time, and it did -- almost a year from start to finish. But they were there every step of the way and were simply fantastic!

When move time came, they picked the birds up at the house in San Francisco. Less than two days later, they delivered the birds to our house in a tiny village in central France. They communicated with us throughout the voyage, and worked to solve a last minute hiccup with French customs.

PetRelocation and their entire team are simply the best in the business!

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: David
Pets' Names: Washington and Jefferson
From: San Francisco, California, US
To: Central France

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