Pet Travel Story: Three Dogs to Thailand

dogIncredible Experiences: Three Dogs Relocate to Thailand

I was left with the difficult challenge of shipping my friends' three dogs to Bangkok (Thailand) from San Francisco (USA).

I actually looked for several pet relocation services on the web and attempted to contact five. The same day I submitted my request to PetRelocation, I received a phone call from one of their representatives.

I explained my situation, and they got me in touch with their international pet shipping specialist.

I was given an estimated ship date of 30 days from the submission of my materials and they stood by their deadline! Of course there were things I had to do (vet checks/documents/buying supplies/etc) but Scotty helped me through every single thing! I am extremely detail-oriented myself, and Scotty was very accommodating and was available by phone through every step of the process.

It turns out shipping a pet is not such a terrible task as long as you have guys like Scotty as well as the rest of the team at PetRelocation backing you up. In the rare situation that I need to ship more animals overseas, these guys will be the first people I contact!

Thank you,


Name: Mike
Pets' Names: Cash/Money/Bank
From: San Francisco, CA, US
To: Bangkok, Thailand

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