Pet Travel Story: Three Pugs to New Zealand

Incredible Experiences: Coco, Simba and Virgo Travel to New Zealand

I have three pugs I wanted to relocate from India to New Zealand. It is definitely not easy to move pugs as they are brachycephalic dogs. Also, relocating my pugs from India, where rabies is present, to New Zealand, where rabies is totally absent, is an intensive, expensive, stressful and complicated process.
After realizing all this I decided to hire PetRelocation to move my pugs from India to New Zealand. This was not decided by me all of a sudden, and I had planned for the move since I moved to New Zealand in 2009. Christina at PetRelocation gave me a complete insight of what all was involved in such a big move, and I was so impressed by her proactive response. I probably asked millions of questions regarding the move, and each time I was reassured by her emails.

Today I strongly believe that I made the right decision to hire PetRelocation and did not consider making the move all by myself. The most difficult part was to handle the paperwork and the vet checks in order for my pugs to qualify to enter New Zealand. Bethany at PetRelocation was available through every step of the process. She even took care of my special request to let me go with her agent at Los Angeles for the final vet visit, which is rare.

Even if sit down and write ten pages about my experience with them, it still wouldn't be enough. It was worth every penny spent. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to relocate their pets. They are definitely the best in the business. Thank you so much for making my dream come true. It feels like a complete family in New Zealand now.
Thank you,
Pet Travel Details:
Name: Meghana
Pets' Names: Coco, Simba & Virgo
From: India
To: New Zealand

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