Pet Travel Story: Two Bengal Cats Move to Brazil

Incredible Experiences: Bengal Cats to Brazil

A company relocation had us on the move to Curitiba, Brazil, and no move is complete without our two Bengal cats.

The process for us was difficult enough, so we knew we would need assistance in getting Simba and Nala to our new home. We choose PetRelocation based on the positive reviews we read and the friendly assistance given from our initial contact with them.

From the first call, I knew they cared about our cats as if they were their own. Suzanne assisted us with the entire process, from locating a USDA certified vet, contacting our breeder when the USDA wanted proof they were really cats, and arranging for pick up from our Dallas house to the airport.

During transit, Suzanne was in contact with us up until their arrival in San Paulo when her Brazilian contact took over. She then followed up after their arrival to us in Curitiba.

When our cats arrived they were very vocal about their trip but have settled in better than we expected. The whole process was smooth and easy and in three years when we relocate back to the states, I know who we will be contacting.

Pet Travel Details:

Name: Patrick and Allison
Pets' Names: Simba and Nala
From: Dallas, Texas, US
To: Curitiba, Brazil

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United States, Brazil, South America
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