Pet Travel Story: Two Cats Move Across Country

Incredible Experiences: Handle with Care :)

I recently relocated to Malvern, PA (right outside of Philly) as a transfer with my company. PetRelocation was recommended to me by my relocation company.

First, I have never lived outside of the state of Florida; and second, I was moving all by myself. My first contact with PetRelocation was with Maegan, who made me feel so comfortable with the the transfer of Miss Kitty and Rocco. She walked me through the entire process, emailed me a video of what actually happens at the airport, and reassured me that both kitties would be ok.

Daniel then helped walk me through preparation for the big move, tracked their travel the day of the move, and even emailed me to update me on their progress. The two handlers that worked with me on pick-up and drop-off were fantastic and total pet lovers, which made me feel more comfortable with the move.

I would highly recommend PetRelocation for any pet moving needs. Thanks again Maegan and Daniel for handling this situation, as I'm sure you do all of them, with total care. Thanks for making this big move for me, Miss Kitty, and Rocco an easy one :)



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Crystal
Pets' Names: Rocco and Miss Kitty
From: Orlando, FL
To: Malvern, PA

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