Pet Travel Story: Two Cats Relocate to Australia

Incredible Experiences: Bea and Mikey's Move

Here's a note from a recent client. Glad to hear that Bea and Mikey are settling in well after their move from California to Australia!

Hi PetRelocation,

Mikey and Bea have been here for a few days -- they arrived on Saturday afternoon. They are settling in quite well, eating and drinking and using the litter. Mikey spent the first night patrolling the perimeter of my room, checking everything out and securing the area. He's the more curious of the two, but also the most cautious and easily spooked!



They remember me and are being very affectionate, especially Bea! She's always been a cuddle monster though, haha :)

They are staying in my room for now, but I've let them out to discover the hallway and beyond a little bit. They don't venture far from my room before they scamper back and under the bed, but they have been enjoying the views out of the windows.

I've attached a pic of the sight I came home to the other day. Bea had gotten herself between the louvres and the fly screen and somehow closed the louvres on herself! I don't know how long she'd been in there but she was fine, just chillin, haha!



I made a nice little area for the kitties in the walk-in wardrobe, but they prefer to base themselves under the bed. It's hilarious because the bed isn't very far off the ground, not nearly as high as my bed in Cali, so to get under it they have to flatten themselves and push with their back legs. I laugh when I see it (it's so undignified and I'm sure they hate it, haha).

They sleep/hide during the day and play/party at night; every day I tidy up their "area" and every morning I wake up and it's trashed! They have found new and exciting things to knock over and throw onto the ground, and Bea has found some kind of magical wonderland in amongst the dresses in my closet. Maybe she's looking for the entrance to Narnia, haha, who knows. Secret cat business!



So all in all it's going well :)

Thanks for all your help!

Best Regards,


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