Pet Travel Story: Two Cats Travel Across America

two cats

Incredible Experiences: "A Huge Relief"

Three weeks, a new job, two cats and 1800 miles. This was an extremely stressful process to pack my life up and move, but when I turned to PetRelocation I knew in the first minute that my boys were going to be cared for by professionals.

It was clear that the well being of my cats was the most important thing and all the details were taken care of. My boys had their air adventure and arrived in their new home and adapted very quickly.

I am very happy with the service and it was great to know they were taken care of so I could focus on moving everything else.

Thank you,


Pet Transport Details:

Name: Sean
Company: Nespresso
Pets' Names: Artemis & Aliester
From: San Francisco, CA
To: Chicago, IL

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