Pet Travel Story: Two Dogs’ Cross Country Move

dogIncredible Experiences: Tank & Babe's Move Across America

We found PetRelocation during a random web search, conducted more research to reassure ourselves of its legitimacy, and then made contact.

We were extremely nervous about placing our dogs into the hands of others and worried about how the dogs would handle the trip, yet we knew we couldn't handle every aspect of the move ourselves.

We should not have worried -- the orchestration by PetRelocation was great (thanks Paul and Tobi!). We moved at the worst time of year (January) and freak weather hit the east. Flights were changed but we were kept informed and our babies arrived at their destination.

The loving care given by PetRelocation associates and Charlotte Pet Services, who retrieved our dogs from the airport and delivered them to us several days later, was absolutely fabulous (thanks Heather & Frank!). Photos and messages were sent to us every day.

Words cannot express how grateful we are.

Thank you,

Sue & Steve


Pet Transport Details:

Name: Sue & Steve
Pets' Names: Tank & Babe
From: Las Vegas, NV
To: Greenville, SC

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