Pet Travel Story: Walter & Leo’s Move to Brazil

Incredible Experiences: Pets to Brazil!

One trip to the vet after deciding we were going to move, we realized we couldn't do this alone. After a call to PetRelocation and a few other pet relocation companies, we quickly realized that only one company was going to be able to handle our situation. If it wasn't for them, we would have had no clue on where to even begin.

Walter, our dog, is bigger than most and needed a custom crate built for his move. PetRelocation even came to our house to get his measurements exactly right, doing everything they could to make sure he was as comfortable as possible. The fact that everyone we came in contact with was just incredibly nice and genuinely cared about our situation made everything much easier to cope with.

We had originally decided to send Walter with PetRelocation a few weeks after we left, and take our cat Leo on the same plane as us. Trying to get all the paperwork done ourselves was simply going to be impossible, and PetRelocation was able to add Leo to the same flight as Walter without a problem.

The updates on where they were and what they were doing throughout their entire trip gave us the sense of comfort that we needed. Walter and Leo arrived in Brazil extremely tired, but just as healthy and happy as the last time we saw them.


We would definitely recommend PetRelocation to anybody who is traveling with their pets, no matter how far away or what challenges your trip brings, they always seem to handle it professionally and with a sense of calmness that makes every penny spent worth it.

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Skylar
Pets' Names: Walter and Leo
From: Austin, Texas
To: Florianopolis, Brasil

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Brazil, South America
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