Pet Travel Story: Zola’s Move to Zurich

Zola in ZurichIncredible Experiences: Zola in Switzerland

I'm delighted to report that we have successfully moved our little girl over from Chicago to Zurich.

At first we looked into managing the move ourselves, but as we researched around the internet we discovered there's a variety of rules and regulations from different dates, we decided to consult the professionals at Pet Relocation.

As Zola is an extremely timid 5 year old golden retriever, we had a number of questions, all of which were answered with confidence, easing our concerns.

Our Specialist was in charge of working with us and our vet to ensure the correct vaccinations, documentation and certificates were obtained and approved before departure. This was definitely not an easy process by all means, but he was diligent and worked hard to meet our deadlines, ensuring there was absolutely nothing that could go wrong with our move.

We couldn't be happier. Zola is absolutely loving her life here in Switzerland and is full or vigor and playfulness. She hasn't shown an ounce of sadness or distress, which has made the move so much easier on the family.

Thank you all at PetRelocation for all your kindness and hard work!

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Joe
Pet's Name: Zola
From: Chicago, IL, US
To: Zurich, Switzerland

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