Pet Travel to New Zealand: Penelope’s Exciting Journey

Incredible Experiences: Penelope's Adventure to New Zealand

My pet relocation consultant was Linda Smith. I honestly can't say enough great things about her and the amazing service that she provided to me and my fur baby.Penelope flew to New zealand

When I made the decision to relocate to Auckland, New Zealand with my little Yorkshire Terrier, Penelope, she had never flown on a plane before so I was very worried about how she would fare on a 15+ hour flight. Would she be scared?

I was worried about the quarantine process and the testing that she would need to complete before she'd be cleared to enter the country. How much paperwork and time will be needed? The only worries that I had about the move were centered on my dog and how it would all affect her.

During my first chat with Linda she must have heard the nervousness and worry in my voice because she spent so much time with me going through the entire process in detail, step by step. She had an answer for every question that I had.

She told me of success she'd had relocating other animals overseas of similar size and breed as my dog, and I just felt such a relief. I knew that everything was going to be okay.

She followed up every conversation with an email that covered everything that we discussed over the phone so that I could always refer back to it in case I forgot something or had questions later. Linda even gave me detailed itineraries that mapped out what I should expect within the days and weeks to come leading up to the big date of Penelope's departure.

There was never a time that I felt lost. There was never a time that I felt things weren't being taken care of. I knew that my dog was in good hands and that she'd be safe and arrive in New Zealand perfectly healthy and unharmed. She had great communication with the quarantine facility once Penelope arrived in New Zealand and checked up on her just as much as I did!

She cared about my dog. I have no idea where the travel bug will send me next or even when, but what I do know is that I won't hesitate to give Linda and PetRelocation a call.

I would highly recommend them if you're moving overseas and want to bring your pet along for the adventure. Linda took what could have been a super stressful situation and turned it into what will someday be part of a great memory.

Thank you,



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Cheryl
Pet's Name: Penelope
From: Texas, United States
To: Auckland, New Zealand

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