PetRelocation Customer Story: Elvis The French Bulldog Travels to Australia

Elvis the French BulldogIncredible Experiences: Elvis's Move to Australia

We are from Venezuela and the story begins in Caracas in mid 2012, when our Visa to live in Australia was finally approved. That was when the process to bring our pet to Australia started.

Venezuela is a country from which it's not allowed by the Australian Government to export animals directly, and as a primary requirement the animal must live at least six consecutive months in a country from which it can be exported. After many difficulties, sleepless nights, and complicated procedures, we achieved the first step: Elvis traveled from Caracas to Houston in September 2012 to begin what would be his export process before the final destination.

Austin, Texas, was the city where we decided to live the experience of what would be a transition for all of us, and there we contacted the PetRelocation agents. From the first contact via email, we were well-treated and they recommended some guidelines for what would be the preparation process for exporting our pet.

We decided to visit them at their offices in Downtown Austin to meet in person and have everything made clearer. We were well-received and after that moment, the team of specialists took Elvis' case with a continuous monitoring of the whole process and guided  all veterinary checks, documents and legal procedures, quarantine, and travel plans.

Today we can say that our French Bulldog arrived healthy and without any complications from his Houston / Los Angeles / Sydney trip, and just had to fulfill the a minimum quarantine period in Australia of thirty days.

For us it is a happy ending, and as a family we are extremely grateful to the team of professionals for the excellent service. Thanks, PetRelocation!!!

-Miguel, Gabriela, Camila and Elvis!



Pet Travel Details:

Name: Miguel
Pet's Name: Elvis
From: Caracas, Venezuela
To: Sydney, Australia


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United States, Australia
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