Pomeranian Pet Travel: Cedric and Kobe Move to the UK

We recently sent two tiny pups on a very big trip to the UK! Read what their owner had to say about the experience below.

When it comes to my two Pomeranians, I want the best of the best. PetRelocation services is just that. The process, which seemed overwhelming to us at first, was handled with such care and professionalism that my worries were put to ease right away. From the beginning, we were guided by a knowledgeable consultant that answered all of our questions.

Knowing that our boys were in good hands, we were able to travel with less on our mind. Thank you, Catie Cox and Natalie Chamblin for making the transition so smooth!

pomeranian moves from US to England

Pet Travel Details:

Pet Type: Dog

Pet Breed: Pomeranian

Pet Names: Cedric and Kobe

To: the UK

From: the United States


PetRelocation Team


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