Rabbit Travel Story: Amber’s Relocation to the United States

Rabbit Travel from Japan to the United StatesIncredible Experiences: Amber's Big Move

After about six years of teaching English in Japan, I took a giant career leap by deciding to become a reiki practitioner (a profession that is actually more popular in the US than in Japan), so after receiving my licenses, I prepared to make the big move.

However, this meant moving Amber, my long-eared and nose-twitching tiny roommate, across the ocean—a potentially difficult and frightening process.

I know I could never have done this smoothly without the help of the people at PetRelocation. My move coordinator was Kelcey, and I was also in contact with Joe and Tomiyo, who picked Amber up from me on the Japan-end of her journey.

Kelcey and Joe helped familiarize me with the process and all of the documents, and prepared a clear schedule for me to get Amber ready for her big move. Tomiyo created a document for the vet to sign, and she and Kelcey talked me through every step.

Right away I knew Amber was in good hands, and I worried surprisingly little knowing that despite her size, Amber is a very feisty and tough little lady. Nevertheless, I started to get nervous as the flight approached. Apparently so did Amber. However, Amber got through quarantine just fine, and I got plenty of updates and reassurance from Tomiyo and the PetRelocation team.

The move went just as planned, and my mom and I picked Amber up safely from Jody (sorry if misspelled) on the US-end.

I am happy to say Amber loves her new home. She has a new and slightly bigger cage that can hold cedar chips along the bottom of it, which she loves burrowing in. This makes me happy as well, since she no longer gets bored and feels the need to chew on her cage bars (or my belongings).

She also has a much bigger space to hop out of her cage and go exploring. Her room now has a floor-length patio door, so she can see outside, hear the wind, sniff the air, and catch glimpses of other interesting little animals. She is quite at home here :)

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Pet Travel Details:

Name: Nicole
Pet's Name: Amber
From: Japan


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