Moving Dogs to the EU: Reeses and Ruby’s Travel Story

moving dogs to europeMoving dogs overseas can be stressful, especially when you have specific concerns like anxiety or age. Reeses and Ruby recently moved all the way from the US to Liechtenstein! You can read about the experience below. 

When we were given the opportunity to move abroad, there were only two questions that gave us pause: Could the pups come with us? Could we move them to Europe safely? After countless hours of research, pouring over reviews, phone calls/emails, we chose PetRelocation. We were instantly reassured by the timeliness of response and thoroughness of information and recommendations by our initial contact. 

Our pups had never been crated before and we were nervous about Reeses’ age and Ruby’s anxiety about being separated from her brother. PetRelocation’s staff, from the very beginning, took interest in learning more about our pups’ personalities; we shared pictures, vet records, and our concerns and were repeatedly met with reassurance and expertise. We affectionately call our duo R&R, and soon our relocation coordinators were doing the same. We were lucky enough to have several months to get our pups acclimated to their crates and with the help of PetRelocation’s recommendations and in accordance with our vet, we soon had R&R comfortable in their “houses”. 

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Once we had our move dates finalized, PetRelocation did all the work. With the help of Kathy, we knew the timeline of events and tentative flight information, along with details about our pups’ comfort stop in Frankfurt Animal Lounge. She answered all of our questions and coordinated with airline reps and the animal lounge reps to make sure R&R would have the optimal experience. The payment process was clear, easy, and convenient.  

When we were introduced to our relocation coordinator, Natalie, we were again so impressed with her timeliness, expertise, and dedication to R&R’s safety. She answered all of our questions and was diligent in communicating with the USDA (in spite of the government shutdown) and our vet (by the way, our vet who had done several international pet moves, was very impressed with PetRelocation as well). Our relocation coordinator, Clara, was no exception the excellent service we had already received, and kept us well-informed the day prior, and throughout the actual move days. The transport companies that coordinated with PetRelocation for our door-to-door service also put our minds at ease. 

R&R arrived safely and on schedule to our new home in Liechtenstein; despite being extremely tired, we were so impressed by how well they handled the trip—and attribute that to the experts at PetRelocation. 

We can’t thank PetRelocation enough for their hard work in helping us get our most important cargo to our new home. We will most definitely turn to PetRelocation with our next move! The pups are now enjoying mountain views and are adjusting well to their new life. 



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