Relocating Dogs to the UK: Albus Makes the Big Move!

When you're relocating across the world, you may need a helping hand from time to time. That's what Chelsea found out when she started to plan a move to the UK. So, she called PetRelocation to help with her dog Albus. Here's what she had to say! German Shepherd dog moves to England

I am so grateful to Natalie and the entire PetRelocation team for helping our dog relocate from the US to the UK. There were many moving parts and logistical challenges with our relocation.  I can't imagine tackling this process without the expertise of folks who do this for a living. Natalie was even supportive of our veterinarian who was a little rusty on the specifics of the paperwork needed to move a dog to England.  Natalie was able to check paperwork during every vet appointment.

It all paid off and Albus is here now. He was so happy to be reunited with us in our new flat across the pond!

That's so nice to hear that we could help ease your mind about your dog's journey. You have enough to deal with when you're moving. Let us help with your furry friend! Start building your move plan today! 


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